Date: 18-05-2020

Vision and Mission




To create an engineering Institution of global standards, which will nurture world class students, imbibed in human values who will be trend-setters.




  • To redefine the engineering education to fulfill tomorrows needs.
  • To create a world-class engineering and management institute that sets a benchmark for education.
  • To attract best faculty interested in education & research.
  • To facilitate manifestation of inner strengths of students and create responsive, global citizens .



Academic core philosophy is rooted in the belief that education, beyond knowledge must point the way to self-fulfillment through the development of the entire personality.

Optimizing their potential and providing them direction through a cohesive teaching learning process.

Every individual – is keen to continuously learn and contribute to his / her own well being and the improvement of the Institution.

Create an environment conducive to Research and experimentation

We strive to be academically excellent, create bench marks for moral excellence and respect  for human values.

Respect for nature by creating a sustained atmosphere of serenity and bliss .




  • Leadership at national and international levels.
  • Strive for individual and team excellence.
  • Respect for human beings – staff, students, sub staff and all other stake holders.
  • Fair and firm while handling human issues.
  • Treat students as mature responsible individuals who need to be nourished to realize their potential.
  • Respect policies / procedures and hierarchy.
  • Creating and nurturing human talent at all levels – Staff, Students and the rest of the organization.
  • Create avenues for excellence through Research and interaction amongst the global fraternity.
  • Create global citizens though simultaneous development of IQ, EQ and MQ.
  • Innovation, Integrity and Excellence through the process of “Be and Make”.
  • Take advantage of the vast pool of talented resource of India.
  • Creation of systems which are people independent.


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