Date: 18-05-2020

Civil Laboratory Facilities

Laboratories of the department

Basic material testing labPurpose of this laboratory is to test construction materials like Cast iron, copper, Brass, Mild steel, HYSD Steel, Bricks, Coarse aggregates & fine Aggregates, Roofing tiles etc.

Surveying Laboratory Surveying is the science of map making. To start any development activity in an area the relative positions of various objects in the horizontal and vertical directions are required. This is approved by surveying the area.

Major instruments available in our laboratory are compass, Dumpy level, Theodalite, Total station etc.

Geology Laboratory The laboratory portion with provide basic identification of geologic materials, map use and deformation of rock analogs. Then we will head outdoors to explore geologic and geophysical mapping techniques; and illustrate environmental, geologic and engineering topics thro ugh visits to local field sites.

Geo-Technical Engg. laboratory:

The main aim of this laboratory is to test the strength of soil.

The major instruments available in our laboratory are CBR, Direct shear, Unconfined shear, Liquid limit test apparatus etc.

Hydraulics and Hydraulics machine lab

Computer aided design lab

Concrete and highway materials lab

Environmental Engg. lab

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