Date: 18-05-2020

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Departmental Associations :

The student branch association ARCS  organizes various activities throughout the year. All students of the department are members of the association. ARCS also conducts the annual technical fest known as SUZALIN . Various technical events like,On Spot Programming,Web Page Designing, Technical Debate are conducted under the banner of SUZALIN.

Departmental Activities:

The department has also taken initiatives to impart additional technical skills to students. In this direction, the winter and summer school have been initiated. Many students are benefited by this. Faculty members and students are members of various professional societies such as IEEE, CSI and ISTE.

Activities :

  • Dr. K.N. Murthy, Principal,AIeMS, inaugurated forum ARCS
  • Mr.AshishKumar, alumniconducted two day workshop on Visual Basic for 5thsem CSE students.
  • Workshop on “Advanced Java and J2EE” was conducted successfully by expertise from IBM, on 25th and 26th August 2012.

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