Date: 18-05-2020

CSE Research

Beyond our core expertise in the areas of Computer Science and Engineering, we possess interdisciplinary research and educational strengths that allow us to innovate at the strategic intersections of knowledge streams within computer science and between computer sciences. The strategic intersections of interdisciplinary research and education that we have chosen cut across the breadth of computer science, are critical drivers of human progress, and are sufficiently focused to allow for deep impact. Empowering staff and student learning with computer-based research both enriches the educational environment of our own students and contributes to a broader community of teachers and students. The department faculty expertise in System Software, Image processing, Networking, Algorithms, etc. that support students and teachers to learn about respective areas of their interest.

In the department of computer science various research activities are started, faculty and students are working in the following areas, such as

  • Embedded Systems
  • Biometrics
  • Networking
  • Data mining
  • Natural Language Processing

The following faculties registered to PhD at various universities details are furnished below:

  • Dr. Niranjan R Chougala, Associate Professor, completed his PhD in the domain “Software Engineering & Image Processing” at VTU, Belagavi.
  • Dr. BID Kumar, Associate Professor, completed his PhD in the domain “Software Engineering & Networking” at VTU, Belagavi.
  • Mr. Ramesh Babu,  Associate Professor pursuing his PhD in the domain “Software Engineering” ,  VIT Chennai Campus, Tamilnadu.

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