Research and Publications

Department of Chemistry

Area of Interest: Electrochemistry, Physical chemistry, Corrosion Science & Engg., Material Science

Dr. Pruthviraj R.D, published 25 Research papers in various National/International Journals and 37 papers presented in various National/International conferences held in India & Abroad.

List of papers published

Faculty Achievement (Dr. Pruthviraj R D)


  1. Awarded as best paper presentation in Vellammal College of Engg, Chennai, Tamilnadu, INDIA, Dec-2006. National conference on “Advanced manufacturing technology for automobile industries”.
  2. Award for best paper presentation-2009 (National English Magazine Science Per Second, Tamilnadu, India)
  3. Best Citizenship of India Award-2012(International Publishing House, New Delhi)  for best performance in research.
  4. Appointed as reviewer/committee member for the journals, 

a)    International Journal of Research in Chemistry and Environment

b)    Journal of Science Per Second

c)    International Journal of Chemical Technology


Department of Mathematics

Area of research interest: Differential Geometry, Fuzzy Graphs


  1. “ On pseudo-projective curvature tensor in LP- Saskian manifolds”, International Mathematical Forum, Vol.7,2012, no.23, 1121-1128.
  2. “ On  weakly symmetric and weakly conformally symmetric spaces admitting veblen identities” , Int.J.Contemp.Math.Sciences, Vol.6, 2011, no.47, 2327-2333.
  3. “On Energy and D-Energy of fuzzy graphs”, National conference on Mathematics of Soft computing, Calicut, Kerala.