Date: 18-05-2020

Dr. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw inaugurating MBA Program

Kiran: we build roads sans pride

The appalling state of Bangalore’s roads has invited the wrath of Biocon chief Kiran Mazumdar Shaw. She made her displeasure known — and publicly — at the launch of the MBA programme of the Amrutha Institute of Engineering and Management Sciences here.

Training her guns on everyone’s hate subject, she thundered on Monday: “Look at the things around us, look at the infrastructural challenges around us that we take on. One of the most important things about integrity is the sense of pride. Because excellence is about pride. You look at our roads in Bangalore, you feel that these people do not have pride in what they are doing because, none of our roads are finished with a sense of excellence. All are half done. Everyone is just doing the job with a sense of owning the task and not with a sense of owning a responsibility.’’ Don’t seek jobs, create them: Kiran

Bangalore: “We desperately need skillbased education to prepare our country for the future. Management education is a step in this direction,’’ stated Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw.

The Biocon CMD on Monday inaugurated an MBA programme of the Amruta Institute of Engineering and Management Sciences (AIeMS). The two-year programme, which costs Rs 1 lakh, is aimed at making students industry ready.

According to Shaw, future entrepreneurs and leaders need to create jobs and not become job seekers. “For that, one needs to innovate by seeking new knowledge, upgrading skills and not accepting conventional methods,’’ she said.

But she also warned: “The path of entrepreneurship is full of obstacles, failures and a lot of disillusionment. Entrepreneurs and leaders are not quitters, and quitters cannot be entrepreneurs or leaders.”

Shaw felt management education has a huge role to play to solve the country’s challenges, such as infrastructure, health care and education, and the solutions developed 50 years ago won’t work today. Even though India’s education sector is estimated at $40 billion, and about 300 new business schools will come up over the next four years, few management graduates get selected through campus placements, because they are not industry ready.

She added: “Management education is about building leadership — of leadership about shared vision, leadership about shared responsibility and leadership that brings about pride in the whole team that is involved in doing something for our country.’’

According to Jagdish Bapat, member, governing council at AIeMS, and head of people function at Azim Premji Foundation, the MBA programme will be on a par with the best, giving them the wherewithal to compete in the global arena. “The graduates may be technically sound, but we will hone them with new skills required by the industry,’’ Bapat added.

AIeMS stated that various industry leaders, entrepreneurs and faculty from top B-Schools will come as guest mentors to make students industry ready.