Date: 18-05-2020

Entrepreneur Development Cell


The proposal submitted to the Dept. of Science and Technology for establishment of EDC at AIeMS was favorably considered. The DST sanctioned Rs.7 Lakhs for the EAC, EDP, TEDP in the academic year 2016-17. Assistant  Professor Anil Kumar, from Electronics and Communication Dept. of this college has been appointed as the Chief Project Coordinator.
The core staff of EDC – AIeMS were recruited as per the guidelines given by DST and all of them joined the cell in mid of August 2015. Now, the cell is functioning on full time basis to carry out the activities on day-to-day basis. All the infrastructural requirements for smooth functioning of the cell are created.

Genesis of Entrepreneurship Development Cells

The academic Institutions play an important role in the economic development of a country as they produce the right type of manpower needed by different sectors of the society. The technical Institutions and the Institutions of higher learning assume greater importance as these produce the technical manpower needed by the industry and R & D Institutions. In order to make optimal use of facilities, expertise and know-how available in these Institutions for the benefit of the society, it is necessary that appropriate links are established between the Institutes of higher learning and the industry.
In order to have better interaction and linkage between Industries and Universities, higher learning Institutions, Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India, formed a board, NSTEDB, in the year 1982 which formulated several mechanisms like STEP (Science and Technology Entrepreneurs Park), EDC (Entrepreneurship Development Cells), TBI (Technology Business Incubators) and these mechanisms to be tried out in technical Institutions across the country.


The main objective of this cell is to train and motivate the Science and Technology (S&T) persons to become Job Creators rather than Job Seekers.

1.To inculcate the entrepreneurial culture into their minds.

2. To conduct for the S&T persons of our college as well as students from neighboring Institutions and any graduate student in Karnataka are as follows:-

  • Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps (EAC) – For 3 days
  • Entrepreneurship Development Programs (EDP) – 0ne month Program
  • Technical Entrepreneurship Development Programs (TEDP) – 45 Days Program

3. Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Business Management (BEBM) – One year course

4. To assist them in starting industries of their own right from

  • Product Identification (PI)
  • Market Survey, tools for market research
  • Preparation of Project Reports
  • Assist them in getting Technical feasibility Reports

5. Consultancy and research

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The Host Institute formed an Advisory Board for the well functioning of EDC and their activities, The following are the staff of this Department
Chief Co-ordinator

  • Mr. Anil Kumar, Assistant professor,  Email –        Contact No. – 9731876928


  • Mr. Ravi Kumar N. – Director, HR & Placement
  • Mr. Kari Ramakrishna- Assistant Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engg.
  • Mr. Chethan Kumar S. – Assistant professor, Dept. of Electronics & Communication Engg.
  • Mr. Samanth A. –  Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil Engg.
  • Mr. Ravi G. H. – Assistant professor, Dept. of Computer Science & Engg.