Date: 18-05-2020

Information Handout for New Entrants

Read Completely and Carefully


a. Fill out the Admission Application completely-do not leave any row blank.

b. Keep about ten stamp size and ten passport size photographs with you for Affixing on the application, ID card, library card, parking permit, bus pass, admission register, bank account opening and such other purposes.


a. Watch the notice boards regularly for announcements on completing all processes.

b. Fill out ID card information slip.

c. apply for hostel accommodation, if you need.

d. apply for college bus facility, if you need.

e. apply for library Card.

f. Obtain vehicle parking permit, if you need.

g. Strictly adhere to the discipline stipulations.

Disciplinary guidelines

AIeMS is uncompromising on disciplinary issues. Note and stick to the guide-lines to Keep yourself out of trouble –

a. It is compulsory for students to wear and display ID, cards at all times of their presence on the campus. Failing this, entry into campus/classes will be denied.

b. Loss of ID cards should be immediately reported in the main Office and temporary cards obtained by paying the prescribed fee.

c. Dress code would be strictly observed. Non-conformists will be sent home under all circumstances. (For Boys: Formal Pant-Shirt. Collarless and Printed T-Shirts, Cargo Pants and any flimsy dress are banned. Long Hair, style beards, add-moustache, punky appearance. For Girls: Formal Selwar – Kameez, Chudidar etc. Collarless and Printed T-Shirts, Cargo Pants, sleeveless tops or any other dress that may be considered as less than decent are banned.)

d. Students are strictly prohibited form possessing mobile phones on campus for whatever reason. Parents are requested to advise their wards never to take mobile phones to college and encourage them to use the coin phones available on and around the campus if necessary.

e. Possession of mobile phones will attract penalty for the first violation and repeat violation will lead to seizing the phone and sending it to the University.

f. Security staff represents management’s authority towards security and safety of the campus. Hence, disregarding the Security staff will amount to punishable violation.

g. Class timings are to be strictly adhered to. Habitual late comers will face denial of permission to attend classes and loss of attendance.


a. Students are advised to regularly watch for Announcements on Notice boards and be responsive.