MBA Research

 Prof. G.S.Venugopal: Ph.d Thesis

A Study on Organizational culture in selected Industrial undertakings of Karnataka

The research comprises of the detailed and analytical dimension of organizational culture such as, the value cherished, beliefs followed, rituals observed, etc.

The thesis recommends few measures for the betterment of weak cultures identified in the study.

Papers Published:


1. “Leadership Vis-à-vis followership. A mutual reflection published in the Human Resource”

Volume: 15(1) April-June 2004.

2. “An organizational culture framework for assessment of the process of transformational leadership in developing competencies” SAMSMRITI.

Volume: 04, Issue 02, July 2010.

3. “ A theoretical perspective to discern culture specifies of NGO’s”- AMBER

Volume-1, Issue 02, April-Sept 2010.

4. “The strategic role of Ethical leadership in sustaining the organizational culture”

A theoretical framework from the perspective of society & organization

RVIM journal of Management research- Vol 3- issue 01, jan – June 2011.


Prof.Tejas B Vyas: Phd work

1.Topic: Evaluation of the effectiveness of Instore & outstore advertisements of various organized Retail Stores in Bangalore.

2.Specilization: Marketing, Area of research: Retail Management.

3.Date of Registration:01-08-2011.

4.University: Bharthair University,Coimbatore.

Paper Published

International Conferences Papers.

1.A Paper titled “Impact of Marketing of Consumer’s in today’s context” was presented in the international conference conducted by Kalasalingam University in association with consumer protection act and also published by Snams books Chennai.

2.A Paper titled “ Green Marketing” was presented in the International conference, conducted by Annamalai University, AnnamaliNagar, Chidambaram on 29.07.2010 &

also published in book.

National Conferences Papers.

1.A paper titled “ Marketing of Financial Services” was presented in the national conference, conducted by RNS institute of technology MBA department and research center, Bangalore topic “” and also published by Excel Books Publication New Delhi.

2. A paper titled “Rural Retailing” was presented in the national conference, conducted by K.S Rangasamy college of arts and science Trichengode Tamil Nadu & also published by Excel Books Publication New Delhi.

3. A paper titled “e-choupal” was presented in the national conference, conducted

by Jain University, School of Business Bangalore & also published by Prateeksha publication.

4.A paper titled “Impact of Media in Social Advertising” was presented at national conference conducted by Dr. B.V. Raju Institute of Technology, Narsapur, Medak Dist., Greater Hyderabad on 15-7-2011 & 16-7-2011 & also printed in conference proceedings.


1.Acknowledged in the book “Retail Management” second edition by author Dr Chetan Bajaj published by oxford university press, New Delhi.



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