Date: 18-05-2020

Mechanical Engineering Laboratory Facilities

Lab Infrastructure Facilities

The department has following art laboratories catering to UG students:

Basic Workshop

Bench vices, Circular saw machine, Workbenches, Bench drilling machine, Bench grinder, Bench vices, Power hacksaw machine, Arc welding machine, Gas welding machine, Shearing machine, Circular cutting machine.

Foundry & Forging Lab

Universal Sand Testing Machine, Sand rammer, Beam balance, Permeability tester, Sieve analyser, Clay content tester, Moisture content testing machine, Ovens, Furnace, Different types of dies, Moulding boxes


Material Testing Lab

Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell hardness testers, Creep tester, Cupping tester, Impact tester, Rotary fatigue tester, Torsion tester, Universal testing Machines (manual and computer operated), Wear tester, Microhardness tester, Microscope.

Metrology & Measurements Lab

Calibration of thermo couple, Dial audio Oscillator, Five channel digital pressure indicator, Frequency, Audio Oscillator, Indicator, Load Cell, LVDT Amplifier, Gear tooth Vernier Caliper.

Machine shop

Lathes, Milling Machines, Drilling Machines, Grinding Machines, Bench grinder, Polishing Machine, Shaping Machine, Surface Grinder.

Heat Transfer Lab

Forced convection apparatus, Pin fin apparatus, Free or Natural convection apparatus, Parallel flow & Counter flow heat exchangers, Thermal conductivity apparatus, Stefan Boltzman apparatus, Emissivity apparatus, Equipment for critical heat flux measurement, Vapour compression refrigeration apparatus, Air conditioning apparatus.

Energy conversion Engineering Lab
Air compressor, Blower, Bomb Calorimeter, Boys Calorimeter, Cloud and pour point apparatus, Abel Pensky flash and fire point apparatus, Pensky Martin flash and fire point apparatus, Redwood viscometer, Say bolt viscometer, Torsion viscometer, , Dead weight pressure gauge, Kirloskar air cooled and water cooled diesel engines, Petrol Engine, , Variable compression engine, Twin cylinder diesel engine (Morse test), Planimeter.

Fluid Machinery Lab
Francis turbine test rig, Kaplan turbine test rig, Pelton wheel test rig, Impact of jet on vane test rig, Friction in pipes test rig, Single stage centrifugal pump test rig, Multi stage centrifugal pump test rig, V-notch, Venturimeter, Orificemeter.

CAD & CAM/Automation Lab
CNC Turn Master, Flexible Manufacturing system, Computers, Softwares (ANSYS, Unigraphics, Inventor 9 with MDT, AutoCAD R-2005, Composite structure solver, Pamcrash solver).


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