AIeMS is proud to have a research centre “AMRUTA-SAMSHODHANA”.


  • AIems is proud to have  “R & D” center in the department of Mechanical Engineering with the capital assistance of KCTU, Govt of Karnataka to cater the needs of manufacturing industries.

For any assistance in R&D center please contact

 Prof Kari Ramkrishna

Asst Professor

Ph:- 8792430600


  • AIeMS is proud to establish Entrepreneur Development cell & consultancy centre to cater the needs of prospective entrepreneurs, existing entrepreneurs, unemployed educated youths in association with department of MSME, Govt of India. ED cell coordinates EAC, EDP, TEDP, FDP & other customised programs sponsored by the department of science and technology, Govt of India.
  •         ED cell AIeMS took the responsibility of joining hands with district administration, Ramnagar District of             eradicating unemployment issue, addressing the employable skills to the school & college drop outs,                     upgrading the skills of SHG members & rural artisans
  •        ED Cell AIeMS had approached NSTEDB, Govt of India for grant in aid assistance to promote STED project        for a period of 5 years to address the promotional initiatives in the field of technical entrepreneurship.
  •        ED Cell AIeMS would act as catalyst to imbibe the opportunities in all this sectors & formulate the ideas in          fostering entrepreneurship.